He hooks up with one of your closest friends

He hooks up with one of your closest friends

What should you do if you've liked a guy for three years. You go out for 2 weeks and he breaks up with you and then wants you to get him hooked up with one of your close friends. Then, ends up not liking her and wants to go out with one of your other close friends. Now she likes him and she used to make fun of you when you liked him but now you have to stop your feelings just because they started going out?


A guy's emotions are sometimes like a rollercoaster. If you try to follow him and act according to where he is going, what he wants and what he feels, you are in for a ride.

Instead be yourself. Don't be dependent on his choices. Make your own. You are the centre of your life, not him.

I know, the dating world can feel a bit like a battle and in a way it is. The issue here is power. Who is in charge of your life and your emotions and how you feel? If he is, he can make your life miserable any time. You are the centre of your life and you don't need his validation to feel good about yourself. He goes with your friend? too bad for him. He does not know what he is missing.

I know it is tough, but what you learn here is something you could use for the rest of your life. It's all about becoming stronger without shutting down. It's a lot about gaining power.

Have a blissful new year!


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