How to get rid of insecurity feelings

How to get rid of insecurity feelings

Insecurity is a power gap. When you feel insecure for instance about your body, it's simply the fact that you don't have enough power to protect and preserve your mind space.

Insecurity is an invasion of negative thoughts and feelings.

Now, if you want to get rid of these negative thoughts, all you have to do is ad power in your being and in your life.

You have already power in you. Why aren't you using it? Because a part of you comforts itself with your present mind set.

You accept the "I am insecure" feeling as your identity. When you do, you get what we call negative attention (pity, concern, compassion, love, interest, etc.)

This is why this "insecurity thing" can become addictive.

Now if you want to shift your mind set, you must create new beliefs for instance: "I am not insecure", "I feel great about myself", "I believe in my own qualities", etc.

These patterns are the opposite of insecurity. Would you agree?

A mind set is a conditioning. This conditioning is created by you and those who surround you. Both you and those around you get used to your mind set ("I am insecure"). The moment you decide to change it, you face your own resistance as well as the resistance from your environment.

You have been telling everyone about your insecurity. They got used to it. They got used giving you love, compassion and even pity.

The moment you decide to shift that in your mind, it is this whole mind set you are shifting: The way you see yourself. The way others see you. You step in with extra power.

Have you heard about the "tall poppy syndrome".

In a poppy field you can see the heads which are sticking out. When you stick out your head and grow taller, it simply tends to challenge those in your environment. There is jealousy, fight and competition. These are power dynamics.

Gaining power is a battle. It is a battle for owning your mind space. You can design your life according to what you want rather than simply being a slave to negative emotions, feelings or thoughts.

I heard this question coming a few times in this topic: "how do you change a negative thought, emotion or feeling you no longer want?" The answer is to use more powerful tools. You need extra fire, power, motivation, follow up. A vague feeling of wanting to do something about it is not enough.

It's all about gaining back control over what is yours: This is your mind space, your territory. It's your birth right to own it.

If someone steals something from you, you can either let if go or do what it takes to get it back. This, again, requires focus, skills, determination.

However, what matters the most is the inner decision to do something about it.

Once you do, you connect with your will power and head for your target.

Does this make sense?

Good luck and stay in touch


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