Trust myself, Trust my instincts!

Trust myself, Trust my instincts!

If you already took some coaching, you probably know that action is what makes the difference. Action comes with inspiration. Inspiration is about spirit. Your spirit is your intention, the energy sponsoring your action.

When big steps can't be taken, small steps is always the way to go. If you are unsure about directions, simply make a move to test the waters. This often means getting ready and gathering essential information for instance, gaining knowledge about your destination before you set up on a trip.

Taking action is a skill, a technique. You want to be in charge of you life. That's great! Now if you need some support with developing this "taking action" and "initiative skill", I can help you with that.

As I offer free 30 min sessions, it won't cost you a thing and you keep your full freedom. All I'll share with you is a couple of tips and ideas.


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