How to increase your creativity

How to increase your creativity

Here are some key ideas to increase your creativity:

The best way is simply to act, to take action, no matter what you are trying to do. Action is what makes your creative stream flow. In the beginning, your action will be very imperfect. You won't like the result, but it does not matter in the initial stages.

What stops your creativity is the feeling that it won't be good enough, so you block, step back and doubt.

Creativity is like a river. You simply have to let it flow, no matter what it wants to do. The most important is that the water streams, not so much what you do with it.

You'll see that as you start moving and start creating in whatever way, you'll activate your creative skill, your imagination.

Count at least 1 month to feel confident with the creative process. If it is not flowing right now, you have to retrain yourself. Do something about it every day and within 1 month, you'll have your creative skills greatly activated.

When you do that, you break through something. You might sometimes feel irritated or dissatisfied with the results. Don't worry if you feel angry with yourself or with people around you. Go on and break through.

If you don't feel like sharing what you created, simply keep it for yourself until it matures a bit.

Remember, take at least 1 creative step a day. No matter what it is. Just go ahead and do it. You'll feel totally different within 1 month.

Let me know how it goes within 1 week or 2.


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