More creativity

More creativity

Let go of expectations and simply do it

The main elements which stop you from being creative are doubts, fears, hesitations. When you activate your creativity flow, the first thought which comes to your mind is: "Will that be good enough?".

The result? You stop before you even started.

The first step is not to listen to the doubts and go ahead no matter how small or insignificant your creation can look like.

What matters with creativity is no so much the result, it is the feeling or energy which it generates inside of you.

In the early stages, let go of expectations and simply go ahead and do it. Look at creativity as a swim in a river. Don't block the stream, go with the flow, even if your action feels clumsy or imperfect in the beginning.


Try and experiment

Develop new skills as you go. The best way to develop new skills is to try and experiment. You can sit back and try to understand it with your thoughts but nothing will happen unless you go ahead and do it.

Taming your creative abilities is like taming a horse you are riding. You develop the skills to direct your action the way you want. It happens with practice and repetition. It is like clearing your creativity channels, activating them with fresh and new life force.

Start where you are

You don't need special tools. You don't need either to wait for the right context. You can start creating now, with what is in front of you. Creativity does not start with a trip to the local paint and arts shop, it starts now with the pen which is in front of you on your desk. You don't need complicate techniques to be creative.

You have speech, body language, action, behaviors, attitudes. You have hundreds of daily occasions to explore new territories and simply try new things.

Every time you step beyond your comfort zone, you take a creative leap in your own abilities.

Life is your canvas. The greatest piece of art you'll ever create is your life itself.

Start today being the architect of your existence!


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