How to protect your mind space

These are only examples of what can be done. There are endless more life situations where you can use your natural powers to protect your mind space.


Option 1: Feed your instinct

Remember your wild stallion? Sometimes it simply needs to run free. Give some space for your instincts to express themselves freely.

How do you do that? Challenge yourself, spend time in nature. Simply don't forget that your instinctual body took 500 million years of evolution to be built. Animals function with instincts. When the human appears on the planet, somewhere around 8 million years ago, it brings a very key ability. It is the ability to think, abstract, conceptualize.

We have now the ability to take distance from life and simply observe it and look at it from the distance. This is our thinking ability.

Now, we still have a connection with our instinctual nature. On a genetic level we are at 90% similar to a dog! Luckily this does not tell us much about our mind abilities! (I love dogs by the way!)

Our instinctual nature is still in us. A significant part of our behaviors are dictated by this instinctual nature. Pleasure, hunger or fear for instance are all instinctual responses.

The moment your instinctual nature is attacked or suppressed, mind disharmony appears. The best way to protect your instinctual nature is to nurture and give it space to grow and expand. Work with the forces of nature rather than against them. Take care of your own "animal nature" (sorry... I have one as well!) and simply give it space. If you spent the last 15 hours in an overheated office, the "wild stallion" might need some fresh air.

Think of physical health. Healthy food is the first step. Mind health works in the same way. If you spent days feeding your intellect, take as well some time to give your instincts a boost of energy. It's as simple as that. It will simply clarify your inner channels and keep your mind fresh and healthy.


Option 2: Defend what is yours

Your mind is a very sacred place. It was given to you and to no one else. Your personal space, thoughts, actions, emotions, behaviors, belonging and time frame are all yours. These are given to you and your are the one in charge.

When part of this is taken from you, frustration arises. Follows negative thinking patterns, self doubt, self limiting beliefs, etc.

When someone tries to steal something which is yours, you have two alternatives: The first one is to let it happen. The second one is to protect what is yours.

Your mind is very precious. Freedom of thought is a basic human right (articles 18 and 19). When you let go of this basic power, you simply plant the seeds for future inner negativity. If you doubt a lot about yourself, it is often because you heard those doubts over and over again from others. It is a conditioning. Don't let it happen.

To gain back your power, you need to defend your territory. Next time you hear someone attacking your values or your person, don't let it happen. Don't let anyone plant seeds of doubts in your mind. Fight back and protect your mind space.

You are free to think what you want. If you simply agree with negativity which wants to destroy your self worth, you are missing a chance of using a very basic power: Your protective force. You would do this for your children. Learn to do it for yourself and your mind space as well.


Option 3: Master your destructive power

Destruction is part of life. This is the way nature creates space.

Okay, I know, Destruction sounds a bit scary... Let's call it renewal instead.

Renewal power is a very misunderstood force. You have a natural tendency to resist change. Why? because change is usually opposed by what we call preserving power. Preserving power is what keeps society together. It is expressed in the stabilizing frames, like an invisible architecture sustaining society.

Your life is stabilized by these protective or preserving forces. On the other hand you are stimulated as well by change or renewal forces which push you to evolve.

The more you resist the flow of evolution, the stronger it becomes. Renewing forces are refreshing forces. They bring in a new flow of life power in your existence. They bring in new ideas. They tend as well to create space. This creation of space is clearing. Imagine a fresh flow of water. See the effect it has. It purifies and makes your ready for next step.

You can see this renewal force in fire as well. It's the destruction of the old so that new life can take place.

When you check your closet and throw away old clothes, you simply use this renewal power and let go of the old. Your mind works in the same way. You need to make space sometimes to give your future a chance.

This means one simple thing: master your renewal power and use it periodically in your life. If you don't, it will put you under pressure until your respond.

The forces of evolution are powerful ones. They can't be negated. If you don't listen, they'll come back stronger and stronger until your respond.

More on renewal power


Protecting your mind simply means using your natural mind powers. These are not powers in the magical sense. They are natural resources which exit in you from birth.

These 3 examples I mentioned are by far not the only ones.

The moment you set yourself on a course to stop negative thinking, all you do is tap into resources which are already there.

It all comes to mastering your natural powers: Creative, controlling, preserving conquering and renewal powers.

You set up yourself on gaining back authority over what happens in your mind. This is not rigidifying or blindly controlling your instinctual reactions. On the opposite, it is the art of working with the forces of nature.

The goal is freshness and mind clarity. Your mind is an incredible tool. It is one of your most valuable assets together with your physical body.

You are the person who has the greatest influence over what happens in your mind. You are the one who can do something about it. Nobody else can. It is your territory. Master your natural mind power skills.


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