How to build up power when you get a coach

The first step of coaching is often the waking up of a conquering power.

It is natural to feel a bit nervous or scared about it because you are stepping beyond your comfort zone. You are bringing in a new set of energies and your mind naturally needs to readjust to a new equilibrium.

Getting more conquering power is like gaining speed.

Conquering power can be quite fragile in the beginning. I mentioned to your earlier that it's a bit like a tennis game. when I answer an email, I hit the ball back and send it to you. This is what makes energy grow. It is the fact that we give it full priority.

This "free" energy is what makes all the difference. You can have all the ideas of the world, strategies and plans. If you don't have conquering power (emotional fuel), that's it! forget it!

This is why we put power in the centre of the coaching space. We find direct ways to build it up and even create a mighty stream of it so that it flows by itself rather than relying on your own daily dose of will power.

In the early stages, it's a force you must nurture to make it grow.

The second essential step is to take action and build yourself an environment which is conductive to manifesting your power.

When you answer to an opportunity, you are being superconductive to life. You open space, and let natural energies flow. Do you realize how much your "attitude" and response matters in that way. You have always two choices: "fill in the space with endless doubts" which will naturally kill small seeds of conquering power or you can "feed those seeds, make them grow, give them extra power" literally support them in their growth. This means being open to try new things. It simply means trusting and going for it.

As you can see it's mainly a matter of choice and how you use your energy.

When you protect a small seed, what you do is using protective power. Imagine a mother panther protecting her new borns. This is an instinctual force which says: "watch out! I know what I care for!", "I know what I stand for!". You send a clear message.

Why is this example important? Because it shows that these power instincts are already in you. You sometimes forget they are there or you believe it's not okay to use them.

For instance, what is the force you need to be rejection proof? Take this example: You are a single woman. You like a guy. You ask him out. He says "no, thank you". This single response tends to impact on your life, self esteem and future behavior. Because of this one rejection, you might never ask a guy out again! Can you see the dynamics? It's crazy!

One guy! One rejection! You build a mind frame around it which creates a prison of energies for the next 20 years of your life!

That's one situation where extra power and understanding would definitely help:

"Dating is a battle field!" of course it is initiated by love but the context in which it happens is highly competitive. In fact, it's more competitive than a martial art's dojo. It is literally a psychic battle for power and love.

When a guy rejects you. Here is what happens: You say "Peace, love". He answers back with an attack! It's not conscious but this is what it is!!!! His rejection is an attack on your conquering power, your desire, your life, etc. Sometimes he is well intended and does not mean it. Sometimes he will do it consciously simply to make you feel terrible.

If you go back home and think: "I'll never ask a guy out again!" That's it! He wins! You loose! When you loose, it's your whole destiny line which gets blocked.

In fact you let this single emotional reaction from another person decide the way you will feel about guys for the next 20 years!!! or even more.

Come on! His reaction has nothing to do with love. It has to do with power. His mind wins over yours. His emotion impacts on your mind and grows in a cluster of negative energy. Can you see the dynamics?

Now, here is the deal: Extra power gives you the energy to protect your mind space! Your thoughts are more important than his thoughts. A guy will not stop you. Not one rejection! not 1000!

Can you see why we talk about power? Because no one has the right to kill your dignity! It's very simple. Your inner power has precisely this ability: To give you natural resources to preserve your mind space.

We'll come back to that within the core of a coaching session.

The reason why I am saying this is to make you realize that power gives you the tools to break through. It is your right as a human being to use your fighting power to go ahead. When you don't have the tools, fighting is painful and extremely difficult. On the other hand, when you have the tools and the resources fighting is extremely thrilling and simply fun.

These are strategies. An important rule: "Don't reveal your strategies to your enemy". What is your enemy? It is any force which wants to stop your from moving ahead.

It's not really concentrated in anyone. It's more like an energy which permeates your life and environment. It is your comfort zone and anyone else's comfort zone. When you decide to set yourself on a conquering course, it's not just you you are shifting, it's your whole environment as well. This is why your environments tends to react and freeze your moves.

If you want to shift your friends attitude as well, you simply need much more energy. Conquering power is a very precious force. I don't know of anyone who would not want more of it.

The truth though, is that you are the one paying for coaching. You are the one who consciously did set up your life on a refreshing course. You are taking steps, you concentrate and build up energy. Your friends, family or environment didn't.

This renewal power is for you first! Simply because you are the one investing in it. An early natural mistake is to try to change other people's minds. You tend to tell them about your plans before you have enough momentum to protect the new seeds of power. When your power tree is grown up, you'll notice that it cannot be attacked by other's judgments. In the early stages though, don't make the mistake of wanting to influence other people's lives and beliefs. Let them think what they want about their own life.

Gain control first over what is yours. Focus on your mind and your ideas. Focus on building momentum. Let others believe whatever they want about their own lives and simply follow up on your own life course. Their lives is theirs! You are not responsible for them. You are responsible only for yourself.

Concentrate your energy! Be extremely selfish in the beginning! Keep this transforming power for yourself. If you try to influence others as well, you'll simply dissipate the energy. You don't need to convince or convert anyone. This gift of power is given to you first.

Can you see what it creates? A relief: You are not responsible for others.

Does this make sense?

As soon as we start with coaching, we'll concentrate 100% on your life, your needs and desires.

How does it work?

The best rhythm is a 1 hour session a week.

Every week you get a new boost of power, energy and strategies.

This is the best rhythm and the way I can guarantee the best results.

I often coach my clients over a period of 3 months. After this period, you tend to own the tools and develop the autonomy to take steps by yourself and design your own strategies. After 3 months, we usually enter in a follow up period where we spread the sessions to once or twice a month.

Depending on your location, it can be very easy to arrange a meeting. This could be an idea for the second month for instance. You come over for a week end or I come over for a week end. This gives us the opportunity to focus on dynamic techniques and build up more power and focus. I do this regularly with clients. It's easy to set up and super effective.

My style is to give you full autonomy and freedom. The format I propose is what I know works best.

Another option is to buy 4 hours of "coaching credits". You simply use these 4 hours the way you want. It can be 4 sessions in a week or 4 sessions in 4 months. You can as well have 30 min sessions, or call me only when you need a boost. It's "A la carte" coaching. I simply count the time I spend on the phone with you.

This "coaching credits" option works best in the follow up period (after 3 months) or when you only need sporadic support.

Another option is to buy single sessions one session at a time.

The first option (1 session/week - 4 sessions/month) is definitely the one I prefer. You get the full power and support.

This monthly option gives you as well unlimited email exchange and spot coaching options. This means that you can call me on my portable between the sessions when you need a quick advice, feed back or energy boost on a situation you are facing.

What could be the coaching targets? The best strategy is to focus on one area at a time. Email me your targets and I'll give you some feed back on that.

Sessions are always paid in advance before we book a time. This is to make sure I don't have to chase clients for payments. I hope you understand.

I concentrate sessions in the beginning of the week when the energy is fresh. Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday mornings is what works best. Evening sessions are fine as well if your mornings are not free.

Thank you for trusting me. Trust and mutual respect is the base of my coaching as well. It sets up a safe and empowering ground.

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