I am angry with everything

I am angry with everything


Anger is simply a fire or energy which is trying to break through. There is always a positive source of energy behind it and anger is the only way your mind manages to express that energy.

Behind anger, there is a positive source of power.

Look at a volcano, what do you see?

On one hand a volcano is this formidable source of energy. Engineers know now how to canalize that energy and use it to heat water in villages. An active volcano is as well incredibly magnificent. One of the great shows of nature.

On the other hand, a volcano can be powerfully destructive and annihilate life all around it.

How does a volcano work on the first place? A simple process: excess of pressure underground.

Your anger is the same: an excess of pressure inside. You can use this excess of pressure to channel it in the most creative directions or you can use it as a destructive force. It is energy wanting to break through.

What you need to add are new skills to use your source of energy in a creative way. Trying to suppress a volcano won't work. The energy is there. You have to use it.

How do you use that energy?

Take a white page and write down what comes to your mind.

What is the best use of the energy you have in you?


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