Remove hesitation and guessing time

Do you realize how much time you spend hesitating, wondering or worrying. The amount of energy which goes in feeding resistance is immense. It's incredible what you can achieve when you simply clear doubts and trust your instincts.

To do this, you need two things:

The first one is: make sure that what you are about to do is your best choice

The second one is: Extra conquering power which allows you to overcome resistance.

An hesitation is warning light. Originally it is an instinctual reflex to make sure that you don't hurt yourself. It is concentrated in this moment just before you start moving or give up.

Now, time and energy are precious. You can't afford to waste any of these. Time and energy are two key essences and when you hesitate or spend too much time guessing, you simply throw this energy in big buckets through your window. Basically, you waste it!

When you get an idea, usually, instead of going for it, you develop all this endless testing of it. You simply kill the impulsion and tell your spirit: "I don't trust you!".

The whole idea is to reduce this "testing time". In fact the idea is to totally delete and develop clarity and synchronicity so that action and inspiration are totally aligned.

This is what makes a massive difference in life. It's when there is no delay between the thought and the action.

To do this you need this clear mind. You need to be clear about your inner vision, strategies and recognize a flow of opportunity when you see one.

Going for action means working with the forces of nature. Will power is multiplied by trust and inspiration. Ad emotional fuel, conquering power and you get the picture. You can basically break through about anything when your remove hesitation and friction.

Can you see this potential. Can you see how this attitude shift can impact on the way you live your life?

You are not supposed to get it right every time. Perfectionism can be an incredibly slow down force which is simply the expression of the fear to fail.

You fail when you hold back. No matter what! You win when you become super conductive an delete resistance.

90% of what you call mistakes are simply life experiences. It becomes a real mistake when you keep repeating a learning experience precisely without learning anything from it. So experimenting is okay! It's not just okay, it is the best way of learning in life.

One of the most precious life skills is the art of resilience, the art of bouncing. Imagine how much your life improves when you discover the art of dealing with set backs and what you call rejection.

The art of dealing with set backs is truly the skill which replaces hesitation time.

Instead of hesitating over one single step for two days, try 20 small steps in all directions to get a a feeling of your different options. You see, experimenting is the real alternative to hesitation.

The best way to test the water is not to stand 2 meters from the pool, it is to stick your toe in the water. You get a direct answer in no time!

Hesitation gives you nothing. It's simply a loop of energy waste. Experimenting on the other gives you answers, feelings and real responses to your answers. It gives you key information to make the right choices.

What truly deletes hesitation time is extra conquering power. This is the force which moves your forward and stimulates you to take action. Stop delaying and start living!

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