I am in the middle of an identity crisis

Here are some key ideas to deal with an identity crisis:

Who are you?

Identity means precisely that: identification. What or who is that entity you call you? Ultimately, with what do you want to identify yourself?

Is this all there is?

There is of course much more than your material reality and whatever you achieved till now. What more is there? Dare to look at it and use the words which come to your mind.

A crisis is an opportunity to grow

Use this period of your life to become stronger. This can strengthen your life. A crisis is a wake up call. Why is this happening? Why would you be confronted with that reality right now?

Take action

If what you see today is not you, start taking steps and moving towards what or where you want to be. An identity is a mind set. It is as well a sense of belonging to something. What is your ultimate identity? How much are you doing to express it on a daily base?


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