I am new to fitness, any tips on where to start?

I am new to fitness, any tips on where to start?

You can come to training for various reasons: loosing weight, getting fitter, social contacts, etc. Many people join the gym because they know working out is good for them.

Gyms can be up to 80% women. If you want to work on your figure, your approach will obviously be very different than if you just want to relax and have some fun.

If you feel you have no time to work out, then create the time.

If you want to decide for a gym, for yourself or for your children, check beyond the price list! Check the staff's experience, check the quality of the training and the spirit of the gym. Some gyms are friendly and cozy. Some others are bigger and more impersonal. It's important that you feel good in the place you train.

Extract from a short interview with Haaije Pijl

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