I just want to feel happy

I just want to feel happy

I just want to feel happy and accept my life as it is and stop looking to the past


What you are looking for is emotional freedom. It is a state of mind where you feel detached from the past and in a clear emotional space.

To free yourself, start by identifying the negative thinking patterns in your mind.

Suppose you are upset about a past experience.

You could easily overcome your upset if you shift your perspective on the event.

Suppose you missed an important occasion. The story you tell yourself is: "how could I miss that one?!!!", "I am a looser", "what now... All doors are closed!", etc. All the thoughts are strengthening your negative experience and making it bigger.

If you identify and isolate the problem and then reduce it to its real size, your perspective could already shift immensely. Next step, forgive yourself. Accept that life is an experiment and you do learn by trying and experimenting.

In a 30 min, coaching session ,we could radically shift the way you look at your past. It's possible and it works. It is within your range and nothing can stop you from reaching it out.

What stops you from overcoming the past is you and only you. You can anytime overcome it if you decide to leave the comfort of your present thoughts.

Negative thinking patterns are an environment you create. Shifting this environment requires at least some time and energy.

Within 1 month, you could totally shift the way you perceive your life.

You have that power and that potential. I can show you how to access your real resources and free yourself emotionally.



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