I would like to ad more "having and giving" to my life

I would like to ad more "having and giving" to my life


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Having and giving?

I believe this can start right here. I believe that what's stops us from receiving and giving is resistance, resistance to life. When occasions rise, there is a natural tendency to stop the flow rather than going with it.

Result? everything slows down. Frictions, tensions, problems, increased effort to make it work.

Now, imagine for a second that you say: "YES, and...." in every single interaction you have with people. Instead of resisting life, you go with the flow and understand that every single minute is an occasion to create magic and take life one steps further. How? opening up, moving with it! Respond to an impulsion someone gives you and instead of resisting to it, you can actually take it inside, spin it up and multiply its energy.

Everything your receive is a gift. It is a seed of life force that you can either nourish, energize and transmit further or block and simply let die.

Every minute you make a choice. Now imagine reprogramming yourself to be super conductive to life. No more wasted occasions. You have thousands of second in a day which all have the potential to expand in a memorable event. Synergy is everywhere, all the time, not just in a monthly business meeting.

I am thrilled by who you are and what you can achieve. Give yourself the tools to take your life to the next level. Your potential is infinite.

This email is a seed. For this seed to grow and expand and multiply, you have to give it a spin of your own unique touch.


I would be honored to collaborate with you in the future

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