Making choices effectively

Making choices effectively

To make choices more effectively, you need to have all the info. Gather all you can and get expert advice as well. Most of the times there is no need for guessing: you can use other people's experience.

If you are struggling with daily simple choices, there is a simple way to overcome this "doubting" pattern. It is by alternating your choices: one day right, on day left. You learn more by exploring all the possibilities than by thinking there is only one right way for you. We do walk with one right foot and one left foot, not one right and one wrong foot.

Making choices is about gaining clarity as well. Together, we could work on that. I can show you simple super effective techniques to clarify your vision.

As you can see, there are many strategies available which help you in making the right choices. Once you learn more about these skills, you'll realize that making choices can be fun and thrilling

Next step? you decide!


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