Tell me more about meditation

The best way to learn more is to experiment. Meditation is not about facts and knowledge, it is about experience. So give it a try. Here is what you can do as a first technique:
Conscious breathing: practice this simple technique. Sit down with your back straight and observe your breathing. Observe how the air flows in and out through your nose and mouth. Simply take a minute every day to observe and perceive this natural stream of life force. The air we breathe is similar to the life force we all share on this planet.

To get a confidence boost, use the verb "I want" often. Connecting with yourself means manifesting your own power in the very core of your life. Your Self is not some distant cosmic reality living in outer space. It is your very essence in the core of your being. When you say "I want", you affirm your identity and your will power and in that sense strengthen your confidence by simply going for it.

Boost your confidence by taking action, small risks, moving daily beyond your comfort zone. Identify where is the first place you can start and do it!


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