The art of staying happy

The art of staying happy

Are you struggling in a life which feels like a roller coaster?

Up and down, up and down... What is the secret of continuous happiness?

Continuity means precisely that: continuing what you already started. Continuity means follow up.

To find "emotional continuity", simply keep on doing what made you happy in the first place.

Sometimes without realizing it, you might touch on a very special magic alchemy which uplifts your life for a day or even much longer. It feels like bliss, like a magic gift.

After that your emotional impression might shift, a bit like the ebb and flow of a tide.

Shifting rhythms is a key element in maintaining your life's direction.

Try to give a good kick, and speed up! Use any challenging situation as a motivation force.

If what you feel takes you down, do not tolerate what you feel. If you don't like an emotion, simply don't accept it! Take a conscious decision and wake up to this realization: "I can do something about it!"

Designing a strategy happens at the same time.

Reacting straight away and doing something about any form of dissatisfaction is an essential move. Passivity is a form of resignation.

It's true, sometimes it is okay to simply let it go and truly relax. Listen to what is happening, to any feelings which might be coming to the surface.

On the other hand, if you feel it's time for you to move beyond the nurturing feeling of care and acceptance, you can tap in a new life fire which gives you another message:

"You don't like it? Then do something about it!"

Taking the decision to act! is the first step of a chain reaction which can shift your life forever.

As a coach I function in a space where both sympathy and motivation are present. I listen to your needs and desires. The sharing and nurturing part can be the centre of our sessions. On the other hand if you need this motivation and reactive fire to come up and free you from outdated patterns, we surely will succeed in doing that together.

I have a deep respect for who you are, no matter where you are.

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