More harmony

More harmony

Strangely enough, the best way to generate more harmony is to express more power. Imagine harmony as a nature garden which is being tormented by waves of psychic storms and fire.

If you want to strengthen harmony, you have to strengthen the boundaries, limits or fences which protect that garden.

You need to express more preserving or protective power to what is fragile and vulnerable.

How do you generate protective power? By taking that role of protector and expressing it.

The second aspect is of course to have the skills to generate harmony. Being in harmony is a skills you can cultivate. It happens via the hundreds of daily choices you make. Shifting from aggressive or destructive to a more peaceful base happens by expanding your emotional potentials and resources.

Creating harmony is a skill which can be learned. It can take a week or a few months depending on how good you are at it right now. Is it worth it? 100% yes! Developing new life skills should be your priority number 1. Imagine: you live with yourself 24 hours a day. What difference would that make if your level of life satisfaction goes from x% to 100%. Imagine! believe in yourself! I am excited about what you can achieve when you decide to go for it.


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