Use my time more effectively

Use my time more effectively

Here are some key ideas to use your time more effectively:

You are the master of your agenda

Your time is one of your key assets and your are in charge of it. You are the master of your agenda. This is the first step. Nobody else can decide or control it for you. You choose what goes in it.

What thrills you first

The second step is to put what thrills you first. Follow your excitement and your passion and prioritize clearly around that. Start by doing what you like. This will give you extra reserves of emotional fuel and motivation.

Set yourself a time frame

The third step is to be more effective with the time you have: set yourself deadlines (I prefer the term life line!). Think I'll take 2 hours to perform that task and give it rhythm and energy.

Give rhythm

The fourth step is rhythm. If you feel your are not efficient with your time, break it into small parts and shift from one activity to the next. Instead of just allowing yourself a whole day to perform your task. Shift, accelerate, stimulate, slow down and speed up again.

Get there early

Be there 5 minutes early always. By respect for those you work with. This could be the only time management technique you'll ever need.

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