Energy boost

Energy boost

When it comes to waking up your life force or getting an energy boost, most of what you will hear has to do with diets, vitamins, power drinks, etc.

These are all very valuable tools to get extra energy and it is only one aspect of what you can do.

Here are other tips to wake up your life power and make sure that your day gets 100% of the energy you need to stay healthy and happy.



First step: light and healthy meals. Your natural reflex in this modern life style might be to delay the moment of having a snack. Big mistake!

Getting hungry is the sign that your body needs energy. Listen when it starts calling. Every 3 hours, you should give your body some food. If what you give is a healthy snack (like a piece of fruit, a muesli bar or a fresh juice), you'll notice that you don't gain weight. More diet tips.

If you wait too long before eating something, your body starts "calling" harder and harder. The result? You sit down for your evening dinner and eat twice as much as necessary.

Remember! It is very simple. Break that cycle. Have a healthy snack middle of the morning, another one middle afternoon and another one later in the evening. Listen to your body. Hunger is a call for energy, not something you should try to suppress by force.



No need to complicate things. Exercise can happen any time anywhere. Find what feels natural for you. Find something fun and energizing. Choose for your bicycle rather than the four wheel drive this morning. Run up the stairs, walk, get outdoor! There are hundreds of daily occasions to move your body. That's step 1. Next step is to train or sport in one way or another.

If it's Salsa your prefer, go for it. Your long term success with exercise depends on how much fun it is. Diversify your approaches and make it a social happening. Be outdoor whenever you can. More fitness tips. Check as well 12 simple steps to a perfect body



You heard that before: "body and mind".

Mind is thoughts and emotions. Mind is the way you feel, the way you think. Negative mind patterns are like anchors which keep you from moving forward.

A thought is a mind channel. When the thought is well aligned with your being (it matches) the energy flows harmoniously.

The result? increase life power, inspiration and happiness.

Your state of mind has an immense impact on your energy level. This is such a vast field and we are just scratching the surface of it. For more on harmonizing your mind, check life skills (hundreds of resources and article son the subject) or mind power



The key to life force is excitement, thrill, emotional fuel. Actions are the way you express yourself. For your mind, spirit and actions to be in tune, what you do must have a meaning. Meaning gives life force.

More on taking action


Mastering your life force should definitely be one of your key priorities. Mastering means understanding. There is little control involved. Discipline is certainly not the core of it either. take another road instead: understanding, maximizing your resources, collaborating with the forces at work.

I wish these few words inspire you! You are worth it!


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