Wake up your passion!

Passion is a skill

It is a stream of fire and life force which can take you like a flowing river.

It is a quality, one of the key essences which can flow in your being.

Right now, if you could have more passion, would you take it?

If you could actually tune into a source of fire and energy, would you connect with that source?

What would you do with that fire?

Suppose you have already an infinite source of fire in you. What stops it from manifesting with higher power and intensity are invisible blockages.

Blockages are fears, doubts and hesitations. They are as well negative thought patterns which simply create dead end loops in your mind.

Waking up the passion means removing frictions and having greater mastery of what is happening in your mind.

A mind which is conductive to passion is a mind which responds to life rather than blocking it. It’s not about being na├»ve. It is about saying yes and encouraging life force rather than blocking it.

To have more passion, you need to encourage it not only in you but in others as well. Passion reflects from person to person. It is like love or laughter. It is contagious and can take you if you allow it to take others.


Opening up

A new streaming life force is always an opening up moment.

Have you ever been angry, felt like your emotions were blocked? You got upset about something and then life simply stops streaming.

You hold on to your anger for a while. It’s like building a wall. Then, suddenly, a smile! The tantrum is over and life starts flowing again.

Modern life style creates tension. It is positive tension as long as you master it. Creative stress can be a positive force if you know how to use it.

If you are simply a victim of your emotional state, that’s not good at all. You need more! You need to find a way of mastering your emotions, invoking the right quality in your life. What is the right quality?

It is the one you need!


All the keys

Anytime there is a right essence which will allow you to take it to the next level.

It can be creativity, renewal force. It can a be preserving power or conquering drive. The truth is that you an I, we have hundreds of skills and potentials. The art of mastering your mind is the art of choosing at will the right key.

It is the ability to open up when you need to open or shut down when you need to protect yourself.

There is not one single quality which is always right. Too much fire will burn you. Too much water will make you over sensitive.

The solution? have access to all resources. Know where and how to find them.

That’s the challenge and that’s the path of personal development. Developing your emotional intelligence means the same.

Spiritual intelligence is geared to the same type of abilities with even increased awareness.

What you want is open channels you can use at will. Do you realize that as you are thinking these refreshing thoughts of renewal, there are equivalent conservative forces in and around you wanting to block the natural flow of energy?


Simply because conservative or preserving forces are part of the story as well. Any time you go for change, you overcome natural conservative forces and bring in a new birth.

The conflict between these two aspects (renewal and preserving) is symbolically the cry of a new born baby.

A new born is at the very limit between these two worlds. The comfortable womb is replaced by the shocking external world. The cry is the conflict between the past reality and the new space.

It is the same story with waking up passion. Passion is similar to a current increase in a mountain stream. It is this fire which flows and pushes away any limitation.

The big rocks in the river are symbolical resistances, fears and blockages. They stop water from flowing.

If your life channels are too narrow, life simply does not flow. Passion won't wake up because there is no vehicle able to use it.


Your choice

To welcome fire and passion, you need to recreate your mind channels and use your emotions in a different way. It is about connecting with new sources and reshaping your mind so that your life can have a higher emotional content.

Where do you start? By encouraging life in you and in others. By responding to opportunities. Daring to laugh. Talking slightly louder, daring to dance. Daring to hug someone, looking straight in the eyes, opening the windows, not running when it rains. There is so much more which can be done.

Passion recognizes opportunities. What stops passion from expressing itself fully is another part of your mind blocking this flow of life force.

You have to make a choice and decide what you stand for. If you are looking for greater stability or security, you know where to go. On the other hand, if you get bored with life and you run out of passion, you must make a choice and protect a new stream of fire like the most precious gift.

Give it power, give it force in you and in others. When you kill passion in others, you kill it you. We are all interconnected.

Passion is a formless energy, which can be shared and woken up by reflection.

Environments, places, people, activities, all have a certain quantity of passion in them. Some more than others. Do you see it?

Some places wake up a streaming fire in you while others tend to wake up your inner silence.

Spend an hour with a fiery person and it will impact on you. We exchange daily millions of impressions and sensations.

If you want to wake up passion in you, then respect and encourage it in others as well. Every time passion wins, it wins for the whole of humankind altogether. That’s how it works!

Respect someone else’s love and it’s love which wins for everyone.

Passion is a powerful form of energy. To wake it up in you, connect with a renewal force which has the power to open up refreshing channels in you.

Renewal means transformation. There is an element of destruction involved. You have to let evolution follow its course. Desire and trance.


Master the skills

You know it, the skills to master passion are in you. Have you ever looked at it? How long did you actually spend in your life trying to understand how it works?

What training did you receive? This is the key: simple investment of time and energy. Reading this article is one step. In many cases, you could have more passion but it is not a real need. The moment you truly need it, it wakes up like a volcano and your recognize where things are blocking or fears are hurting.

You decide to take small steps and simply do something about it. You reached the saturation point and the alchemy of life starts taking place. That’s transformation.

Before that, there might be crisis. You know something is missing but your look for the opening. You look for the way to go, help, approaches, answers, understanding.

Recognize the warning signs when they arise.

Mastering your passion is a skill you can learn.

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