What is emotional fuel?

Stop, get over here and listen to this. Here is a secret:

Your present limits are not your real limits.

If you want to break through your present limits, all you have to do is connect with the part of you which is able to do that.

A part of you is filled with renewal power, with creative power and is ready to burst any time in a flow of creative inspiration. There is no limit to what you can achieve when you wake up that side of your being. “Wake up the giant…” you heard that before.

Just sit back and relax. What you read here is not something you’ll come across many times in your life. It is unique.

The tactics to reach your goals are simple and direct. They do work efficiently in any situation. How? By giving you the edge, giving you the power to wake up a fire inside yourself.

This fire is emotional fuel. It is a river of power which flows in your mind and life. It is a conquering force which can break through any limitation and dissolve resistances. It creates space in your mind and your environment. It opens the way. Speeds up everything and gives you instant gratification.

Connecting with this fire is the number one secret to success.

If you had right now 5 minutes to motivate yourself, where would you start? How would you build up energy? Do you realize how much you need that on a daily basis?

When you are thirsty, you simply walk to a tap and drink. Opening the streams of your emotional fuel works in the same way.

Step back and take time to look at this very simple ingredient in your life: emotional fuel.

Where is it located? Where does it come from? How can you generate an immense reserve of it? How can you give it around? How can you use it and channel it in your daily life?

This is the first step: understand how to master this basic force. It is a power you were born with. It is a birth right you are given. Now, are you sitting on a gold mine without realizing it? Just there, under your sit, is a volcano of power and life force which is ready to wake up and energize every single aspect of your being.

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