Your sense of joy and pleasure

Your sense of joy and pleasure

This inner sense is like an instinct. It knows exactly where and how to create pleasure. It knows exactly what to do to be happy.

Once you connect with the sense of pleasure, you still need power and action lines to manifest that pleasure.

If everything in and around you is dense and stacked there are good chances that joy and pleasure won’t manifest. They will stay suspended in transcendence, like a dream.

If you want pleasure, you need to give it power and not only wake it up, you need to manifest it in the form of actions, behaviors and thoughts.

Where to start? Very simple.

First connect with sources of pleasure inside yourself. Connect with sources which can regenerate your life and give it a fresh impulse.

The goal is not to take off and withdraw like a scared being. The goal is to stand up and sing. Sing from internal pleasure.

This is simple. Now how do you do that?


First recognize in and around you the sources of joy and pleasure. It can be in your work. It can be spiritual connections. It can be actions, behaviors, attitudes, a walk in nature. That’s the first step.

The second step is give these joy and pleasure lines simply more power. Give them power, attention care. Feed them the way they feed you.

By strengthening a link with a source of joy and pleasure, you are empowering this quality in you.

It is very simple and you can do it every day. The only real challenge is to dare!

Dare to simply make the choice of laughing while everyone is still. Dare to take off your shoes and walk on fresh grass. Dare to breathe deeply.

Simply go beyond your natural comfort zone and take it one step further than you naturally would.

If you keep on doing what you always did, you’ll simply keep on feeling the way you always have. If you like your present feelings, that’s great. Now, if you want to shift your feelings, the way to go is action. Add new actions to your life. Add new thought, new concepts, new behaviors.

Something new has to come in the picture.

Now, what is this something new? How do you take your present state and shift it to something bigger, greater and more empowering?

Again, it can be done with simple action lines. You take one idea and add it to your life. You don’t fight with others, don’t try to convince them. Simply take this simple idea and make it grow by putting it into practice.

It could be these five minutes you spare in the morning to press a fresh orange juice. This color, freshness. You drink! Life force!

It looks like a simple action but these 5 minutes make you feel good. Really good. At least a part of you recognizes it.

Now imagine that your day gets filled by hundreds of these simple insignificant actions. You simply get a permanent stream of bliss. This is how you create happiness: By connecting with bliss 200 times a day, with simple actions like these ones.

That’s it for today. I hope you find this message empowering. It is empowering for me!

That’s the way I live. The way I behave and the way I naturally grow.: Listening to this simple sense of joy and pleasure.

This instinct has the power to take you home. Use it!

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