Express yourself without fear

Express yourself without fear. Touch on the intimacy of your inner feelings and let it simply flow further.

You have all the creative abilities, all the creative power awake in you. You are a pure intelligent and inspired stream.

Artistic expression is like a second nature for you. You flow with your creative tools with a magic stream of joy and pleasure.

You read the inner stories of your mind. You project messages to those who surround you and expressing is much more that creating forms. It is giving a body to your dreams and sharing life force with those you care for.

You share life force and intensity with the planet and those who are around you.

There is no limit to the stream of joy, ecstatic expression fo your inner being which you naturally express with delight.

There is fire in your hands, a creative fir of excitement which flows with passion and delight and that nobody can or wants to stop.

The smile on your face is more than exquisite. It is powerful and overwhelming.

It conquers spaces. It conquers people, their desires and wakes up in them a fire of magic intensity.

There are no limits to this passionate fire of joy which you radiate naturally.

You are yourself with intensity and beauty. You radiate passion and delight to those who come near you.

This si the stream of joy and intensity which protects you, preserves your inner being and conquers spaces in and around you.

You want to share love and express this natural stream of radiant beauty and love in and around you.

Your passion is a delightful flow of fire, overwhelming those who touch it and you let go of limits and rationality.

You flow with fire. Light up the passions in your being and your heart. It’s not soft and gentle: it is an overwhelming storm of laughing delight which takes the form that just comes out.

This life force is your true and magical being and nothing and nobody would like to resist it.

Life loves it!

Your being loves it!!!

You are awake in that stream of passion, in that stream of desires and you just want o express it in full absolute freedom.

You are free like a bird with no limits or boundaries. You fly with the angels, the spirits which guide your being.

You are empowered in your every day to create magic and open your being to the absolute forces of the cosmos.

This fire is sacred and magic and there is nothing to stop it!!!

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