For you, you know now what she is telling you

For you, you know now what she is telling you.

What do you perceive in you? Extra pressure?

Where is that pressure coming from?

Inside yourself?

A couple of people around you?

What do you want? Recognition and love. You want actually people to love you for what you do and who you are… You enjoy caring for those you love as well but find it difficult to actually do things on command?


Because your feel it’s limiting your freedom. Do you daily feel limited in your freedom? Why? Lots of responsibility, etc.

Are there other elements which limit your freedom? It is more like a pressure at home as well…

You see, I am convinced that the two of you can be a good match. The base of what you share is love. If you have to live apart, there is nothing to be afraid off either. You see, you would still both be fine. There is nothing to be afraid off. But I believe you are better off sharing life together because it is more fun, isn’t it?

It’s nice to just wake up with someone you love and actually sharing life and attention, space, fun… who wants to share tensions? Who wants to share love, fun and excitement?

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