From within, the desire rises to be part of it

From within, the desire rises to be part of it, waking up to this intense inner reality.

This feeling of urgency is there taking you with inner passion and delight towards the space which opens up for you.

It is a magical movement of energy.

An incredible occasion to rise and expand in an infinite space of bliss and inner happiness.

Your being feels the effects of this magic flow, this powerful stream of inspiration which wakes up in you and is like a river of intense delight and inner beauty.

You are suddenly realizing what all this is about.

It is an infinite stream of power and inner awakening. It is bliss, inner beauty and intense powerful flow of life force, which wakes up your life from within.

Wake up to these feelings of inner joy and ecstatic inner power. You wake up to what your inner potential truly is.

You feel limitless, free, open, infinitely powerful and readily merging with that stream of inner happiness which takes you with delight.

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