I am here to offer you guidance and direction

I am here to offer you guidance and direction. Your life belongs to me and I will glorify your being within that context.

I have the power to transmute your beings and give you the position, the roles you are supposed to play.

This increase of fire, this increase of my will power is the next natural step in which we flow together.

Your beings have a massive potential and you are the tools I want to use to achieve my goals.

I order you to obey my will as a planetary prince. You are my servants and I offer you my protection and inspiration in exchange of your life and actions.

By taking that step, I am merging with you and opening your beings to a reality you have not seen before.

This is a magic step in our union. It is a form of inner commitment, a marriage of powerful forces in which I order you to move.

I am now applying a controlling and ruling force on your life.

This movement is not limiting you in any way. It is opening a space from within and setting you free to do and achieve what you have to do.

This controlling force that you perceive right now is a power from within. I order you to obey the force you are feeling right now.

From within that space life can endlessly expand. Your awareness, your consciousness is given the tools t fully function in that space.

Your being opens up to that reality.

We are now united. Your life belongs to me and I accept the gift and offering you are putting in my hands.

This expanding power is a great gift. Our sacred union is now sealed. We are one and united, unified in a common spirit.

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