I am pleased that you take this step

I am pleased that you take this step. It’s a great move and a very healthy direction to go.

I believe that making that move is the beginning of a great story to come. There are more pleasures and joys in life waiting for you. More than you can imagine.

The planet, nature, people and humankind.

The spirit, your life force, there are endless sources of energy that all want just one thing: to love you, fill you with beauty and delight and access your whole being in a pure stream of joy, passion and delight.

There is no reason at all for such thing not to happen. In fact your being is ready for it. Your mind has simply to realize it.

There is a deep power in you. The main use for that power is to protect your inner garden, your inner being. It’s like a flower which wants to expand from within and that’s the first use you can give to your inner power. Protect that inner space, open your inner being and don’t allow any destructive force to touch this inner intimacy.

You see, the people around you care for you. Even if they don’t say it, what they feel for you is love. They have an intense desire for you to be happy, always!

Is there a reason right now for you not to be happy?
Tell me more about it…
Can you give these thoughts a shape, a form? Can you describe to me where they are?

You can’t find them anymore?

There is something you can decide right now: “I want to be happy!”

“Today I decide that my life is going to be a stream of joy, passion, delight, that I’m going to sing to life and to the pleasure to be alive!”

You feel some fear? Not a problem… Don’t reject it or be afraid of it. Fear is natural. Just relax an look at it. You see fear creates this tension in you, in your being. It is a blockage of your whole system, your whole being. So relax and let the life force take care of it…

Can you tell me exactly what you are afraid off?

Tell me in simple words what you feel, where is that fear located. Look at it. See it and face it, you don’t have to turn away from it…

What’s next? Stretch your arms, to the sky and breathe deeply. Let your being be filled by this fresh air. You have a garden right. Go outside and breathe some fresh air. Smell and let your arms fall. Breathe again and let your arms fall again.

Now look at this man next to you.

What do you feel? A tension? Do you feel you need to fight with that person? Compete? Yes? That’s fine. You can do that if you want…

Is there anything in him which belongs to you?

What do you wish for him? Love joy and happiness? Great…

What else is happening? What else do you feel? Control? Desire to offer control? Why? You feel you need to protect him? Do you feel he is in danger? Not truly in danger but you still have a desire to offer him protection. Is this good for him? Or is this protection limiting him?

Do you feel people are free? You think they are? Mostly yes…

Do you feel they have the power to decide for themselves? Yes they do!

So what is your force, your desire to protect him? An instinctual reaction?


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