I order you to obey this Shakti force!

I order you to obey this Shakti force.

You are receiving today an order which is an investment in your beings. Your life force belongs to my being now and you have the power to receive and expand infinitely within that space.

We are now united in a common spirit flowing in the direction that I am tracing for you.

You have received this initiation as a seal of trust. You are now controlled and taken over, taken charge by a magnificent power which will rule your lives.

Your being receives this order; this seal of controlling power is now given to you.

This seal is a freeing force which opens a door into the future for you.

You are now in my authority and I welcome you in my being.

You will obey my orders. You will obey my being and follow the instructions that you will receive from this higher source.

I order you to follow the inner rules and the order contained in that my spirit. You are now being united within that consciousness and your life force and instincts are now part of my will.

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