Now, there is more than that! - There is excitement as well!

Now, there is more than that!!! There is excitement as well!! You see joy!!!! The pleasure to be alive and the life force which flows through your veins!

Realize that passion is there in you all the time.

The question is where is it?

In fact in the very core of your being and relationship.

You share sexually, you share desire. Is this what you feel?

Are you right there in place or position where you can actually live without it? Not truly either.

You want as well excitement, free fire, desire, passion, romance, love? Are these qualities you want to reach as well?

The fire is definitely in you, in the very core of your being. There is a storm rising, like a volcano, a lava of fire which wants actually to consume any tension in a stream of joy. This is life force! It is joy and excitement, pure passion that no matter what you can’t stop.

This becomes now your focus and your quest, your daily desire. Give this gift to your being, to your life, feed the passion, the romance, the spontaneity and give yourself the power to protect and preserve that force. There is no doubt about it. You have this passion like a blood of desire and fire streaming in your veins.

You have the will power to transform your life and orient it in whatever way you want it. Why because you are the architects of your desire. You are the ones in charge and what you want is a stream of joy, passion and happiness.

This is intense pleasure, intense delight to be alive!!!

You feel this fire conquering your being from all sides. It’s not a fire that can be destroyed and it is something you are in control off yourselves!!!

It is an energy you have to master, to tame… No to suppress but to learn to orient in whatever way you want it to flow. Give it space and freedom inside you, give it your being. But give it priority as well. Why because it is fire. Use your power when needed but using your natural life flow, intuition and spontaneity is simply more fun, so go for it without hesitation.

Free yourself from what society might think! Free yourself from any imposed limitation. You are free, happy and joyous with a very radiant and intense desire.

Your union, what you share is this stream of joy, and every one should be benefiting from what you have to offer!

Exquisite, be generous with your union, with your inner gift, with your desire to love beyond the limits of your couple!

Share your love and pleasure of life beyond the limits of the two of you share your being with the planet and humankind.

Keep the larger picture in mind!!! It is always there!!! It is a vast flow of desire and pleasure and nothing should stop you from experiencing that!!!

Go and discover the planet. Travel move, visit, take risks and do things beyond the usual limits. Life is an adventure and you will never be finished with life! As long as you are alive, you will be screaming with joys and delight beyond the limits of your being and touch this exquisite nectar, this pleasurable source of delight which is in your being feeding you daily with the pleasure to be alive!!!

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