Now, you wake up to this new feeling and perception

Now, you wake up to this new feeling and perception and it gives you a tremendous backup.

This feeling of having power and strength in you.

You know that I am always with you, watching over your being and providing love care and protection. This is an infinite stream of joy and pleasure between us. It is absolute and does not need anything else.

My support is a guiding force in your life. A feeling of trust wakes up with intense inner beauty and it’s within that context, within that space that you rise to the reality of your true being. Your inner potentials appear clearly to you now and this awakening is a thrilling experience.

You feel cared, loved and you simply can swim in this new space, enjoying every aspect of it. It is a thrilling experience which empowers you deeply. You now know that you seek human contact and you have much to offer. Much care, love and attention and you are every day filled with the beauty of what is being offered to you.

This core in your being is a platform of power from where you can function. It is a delightful feeling that gives you the strength, the inner force to move forward in your life with all the possible intensity. You are united with your inner spirit, your inner being flows in your life. You perceive a new life, a new sun rising in the horizon. You are being reborn as a new being and look forward for the future challenges which are about to come to you in your life.

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