How to connect with the forces of nature

First, realize that these forces are inteligent and they understand your intentions.

The forces that sustain your body are very similar to the forces that sustain life in a bird or a tree.

These forces are interconnected in a larger field of energy which contains YOU!

So, when you hurt a living form, you simply hurt a part of yourself.

When you love it, you love yourself.

The fact that there is no apparent physical link does not mean that the unified field of energy is not there.

Of course it is!

All living forms exist within the same field of energy.

So, for instance when you create an agressive disturbance in this life force, this disturbance reflects on you.

This happens as a synchronized response.

The more you connect with nature around you, the more this reality becomes part of you.

Every action expresses an intention and it is this intention that nature perceives.

It hears you! It feels you!

So, how do you connect with the forces of nature?

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