Start with small steps - TIP - WEIGHT LOSS

Another key strategy!

You want to start with small steps and then build this up until you reach your target easily.

For instance, if you haven't been training for years, start with a couple of 30 min sessions/week.

Do that for a month.

Next step, either stretch your sessions or ad two more.

That way you would end up with 2 one hour sessions/week or 4 x 30 min sessions/week.

Your body and mind need to readapt to this new habit.

If the step you try to take is too big, you will burn your will power and tend to give up because the bar is too high.

Yes! You can take it easy in the beginning!

Take one small step at a time and make sure that this small step is one you can maintain on the long term.

The goal is not to engage in some training marathon and give up after 3 months!

The goal is to establish habits in your life that you embrace, enjoy and will still be there 20 years from now.

Got that?


You want to stay healthy LONG TERM, not just for a few months.

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