By email - TIP

If you are online, you can direct a conversation exactly in the same way as if you were face to face.

Choose the questions you ask.

Here are some examples to start:

· “Quick, non challenging question: what’s the best sex you ever had? – I want to know what I am up against…”

· “What is your favorite emotion?”

· “If you could design the perfect week end in a romantic get away, what would it look like? – Would there be any scene involving your female best friend?”

· “What’s foreplay? Do you like it?”

· Etc.

Of course, some of these openers are already very sexual.

If you feel they are too direct, you can step back a bit and ask her instead about emotions, excitement, passion, delightful food or dance.

The key is to stay within the realm of excitement and emotions.

These are often associated with sexual memories.

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