Anger and frustration are okay - ARTICLE

Anger and frustration are okay as long as you don’t physically act on them and do something stupid.

Anger and frustration are the signs of an energy wanting to break free.

Anger is the conflict between an old mind set and a new mind set wanting to break through.

This is why it is a good sign.

Your anger and frustration are expressions of power.

They are the signs that something wakes up in you.

Be comfortable with it.

Go to the gym.

Go outdoors and scream if you want to.

Don’t feel ashamed.

Don’t suppress or cover it up.

These are freeing forces and they are natural.

Anger and frustration are visible reflections of your inner power.

They are a warrior’s emotion.

You are in a battle field.

Dare to be okay with it.

No need to be ashamed.

There is a strong limit of course: don’t hurt yourself or anyone else.

Think about it: breaking plates is by far not the most productive way of expressing your anger.

Go and do some power building in the gym instead.

Sign up for karate classes, kick boxing or something else along that line.

This will be much more effective and productive and help you get back in touch with your center.

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