Remove all traces of her presence in your personal space - ARTICLE

Where is she exactly?

In your mind, right?

Once your removed all traces of her presence, is she still in your mind?

Did your remove everything?

What about the curtains she loved so much?

What about the address book next to the phone?

What about the coffee pot she gave you for Christmas?

You can go deeper to reclaim your life’s territory.

Believe me, the moment you remove the signs of her presence around you, you’re already half way there.

No need to be kind.

What are you trying to respect by keeping these things around in your house?

The memory of her spirit?

The memory of her ghost?

She is gone, right?

Remove every trace of her presence.

Do it and replace all that by things you choose, stuff which belongs to you.

She wants to give you a new present, the latest cell phone?


Don’t take it!

Every object in your life tells a story to your mind.

Remove all traces of her presence: letters, pictures, etc.

All these little memories keep you anchored in the past and stop you from moving on.

You want your mind to be fresh and free?

Go ahead and do it.

You’ll feel refreshed and renewed.

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