Fighting weapons - ARTICLE

When you fight, you express one of your most basic instincts.

Fights in relationships are about power

Love is in the background of course, but the reason a fight happens is because there is a conflict of interests.

You have a plan. Your partner has another one. These two plans clash.

I bet that what you want right now is extra power. I have no idea of what you situation is. However, this e-book has one aim: give you an extra power kick to help you get what you want.

The first thing you need is extra power. Your life can feel crushed. These endless fights are your way of defending your territory.

This is what you go for, right? You don’t want anyone to put you down. If your life is under attack, you have only one solution: wake up your fighting power and defend yourself.

You have basic human rights and your goal is to defend these rights.

These fights are an occasion to grow. Here is what you can do:

· Enjoy the fighting! I know how this can sound to your ears: weird! It’s not. Fights are healthy. They are energizing. There is nothing wrong with it. Shift the way you stand in them. Be fearless

· Strategies! A strategy is a battle plan. Every situation is unique. Think about your plan. Have a vision. Experiment with it. Ask for advice. Don’t go to battle without a strategy.

· Wake up your power! Power is a substance. It is energy. You have a vast resource of it in you but sometimes, you don’t dare to use it. Dare! It is your right.

· Defend what is yours! Career, personal space, time frame, ideas, emotions, social circle. All these are yours. It is your right to have control over them and decide for yourself. No one has the right to tell you what to do.

· Be firm and direct! Simple, don’t bend! It takes sometimes repetition for a guy to get your message. Educate your partner. Make him respect your needs and desires.

· It’s between you and him! Others, friends, in laws have nothing to say about it. This is a one on one thing. Relate to him! This is your story and no one else. If others want to get involved on his side, kick them out. This is between you and him.

· Use all your weapons! Fighting is a skill you can learn. You can kick, use strong language, use anger, determination. In other words, use all your power. Dare. Don’t be afraid. It is your right to do what it takes. Be sure your break through and get where you want to be.

I know these are radical ideas and to tell you the truth, I love them. Extra power is what you need right now. Go and get it. A relationship is not an occasion to die and hide your desires.

It is your right to get what you want. Dare to stand for what you believe is true to you.

If you feel oppressed, attacked or challenged, defend yourself!

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