Play the fighting game - ARTICLE

Fighting can be fun!

It might even be healthy for your couple

How do you play the fighting game?

You fight with humor.

You fight with teasing.

You own your fighting skills.

When you do this as a game, you are in charge of your emotions, not dominated by them.

Instead of being a slave of irritations you don’t control, you are their master.

You can have "teasing sessions" together.

You can go in the kick boxing mood and actually get physical (no serious punching though!).

You can insult each other.

Playing the fighting game is a key strategy to deal with fights.

You get the emotional relief of expressing your fire in a safe set up.

Challenging each other can be energizing and empowering.

You need a fighting ground though.

You need a common agreement that it's okay to go that way.

You can go to your partner and say something like: "I really feel like challenging you today! Is this okay? Is this the right time?”

When you play this fighting game, there is little negative emotional load! You see it as a game! It is a way of generating energy.

You interact in a dynamic way and wake up fire.

This can as well be an excellent foreplay for sex.

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