Get in tune with each other - ARTICLE

If you want to stay together and not be irritated by your partner’s attitudes or actions, the goal is to stimulate the binding force between the two of you.

This means that you get in tune with each other.

You learn how to be on the same wave length.

The emotional body of the relationship is like an intelligent entity.

Imagine an open space.

This is your relationship.

The goal is to empower the emotional foundation of your relationship.

When you get married or make love, this is what you do: you nurture the binding force. If you decide to buy a house or have children together, you establish a partnership.

Again, you empower the foundation of the relationship.

You can partner for life. You can partner for a short period of time as well.

In reality, there are two type of forces in relationships: those who bring you together and those who draw you apart.

When you fight, the destructive power takes over. If the fight is purely destructive and draining, it is a force which splits you and draws you apart, right?

What you want is to connect with another force which will bring power to this situation and either dissolves the fighting need or turns the fight into a constructive exchange.

There are ways of stimulating the binding force between you and your partner.

Anything which brings you on a same wave length does work.

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