Love is a key direct solution to relationship fights.

When you fight, you are in the territory of power dynamics.

Extra love and respect are the core qualities you need to manifest in your relationship when fights go out of hand.

The next question is:

· “How do you increase the level of love in your relationship?”

· “Is love a quality or substance you can wake up and consciously manifest in what you share with your partner?”

The answer to the last question is “yes”!

Love, harmony and respect are qualities you can consciously invite and wake up in your relationship.

Take this simple example:

The moment you buy a bunch of roses for your wife, what do you feel is the impact on her mind?

What do you think it makes her feel?

Suppose you are a man. You arrive home after a day of work.

Here are two example of what you can say:

· First option: “I thought you were picking up the kids from school”

· Second option: “Here is a bunch of roses for you. I love you!”

Which one of these two do you think she wants to hear?

Which one of these two is inviting more love and harmony in your relationship?

The first option says something like:

“You have duties. I have been working the whole day. Why don’t you do your part?”

The second option says something like:

“I have an immense respect for you and I love what we share. There might be some practical details we need to work on but these are irrelevant compared with the pleasure of sharing every day with you”

What is the conclusion of all this?

You are the architect of your relationship!

Love, harmony and mutual respect are qualities you can wake up and invite consciously in your relationship.

Love needs to be nurtured.

It is like a secret garden which needs to be watered with good care.

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