How can I overcome the emotion of pride? - ARTICLE

I'll be direct, okay?

Pride is part of your mind, part of creation and part of humankind.

Depending on how you look at it, it can be a negative or positive quality. The pride of achievement in competitive environments is what often stimulates you to wake up your conquering power and win essential battles.

Many teachings tell you to overcome or suppress emotions like these.

If you tried this direction for many years and did not manage to break though, here is a possible shift you can make:

Instead of trying to suppress anything, overcome the ego, pride, etc, simply embrace them. See them as part of your worldly vehicle.

Most people I know have some sense of pride of what they did achieve and are very evolved at the same time. There is no contradiction.

The moment you let go, you realize that this quality does not actually stop you in your spiritual development. It's just there like a tree in your garden.

When you go that way, you simple embrace all aspects and diversity of your emotional vehicle rather than trying to suppress them.

It takes time to shift direction because the idea of suppressing emotions has been around for thousands of years. It creates this split between good or bad, right or wrong. It puts your mind in a permanent state of duality which sponsors an ongoing inner conflict.

You can see your emotional drive and desires as passionate waves your learn to surf. You actually use that energy to go one step further rather than trying to stop or contain it.

What I offer you here is only one path and one idea. This is by no means the only way to go.

There are many approaches and many strategies on dealing with the challenge you face.

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