My relationship with my bf is getting dull! - ARTICLE

This is about waking up the passion.

Passion, fire, excitement are substances you can learn to wake up and master.

How do you do that?

You challenge yourself and your partner.

You take risks and simply do stuff you never did before.

It gets dull because it gets too comfortable.

Anything which will make it more comfortable will kill the magic even more.

The answer is not a single trick.

It is a state of mind and a life attitude you decide to embrace.

Find these qualities in you first.

Once you have them in you and know how to manifest them, project it on your relationship

Waking up the passion is an attitude.

It is a choice you make every time you take a risk and challenge yourself.

You can take these steps with social events, sports, professional goals and so much more.

You focus first on what thrills you and dare to look beyond what you are used to do.

Don't rely on your partner to do this for you.

You want your life to be exciting with or without him.

Find the first challenge which comes to your mind.

Don't think and simply go for it!

What matters is that you keep evolving as a human being.

It is a skill you can learn.

It takes about 1 to 3 months to establish it in you.

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