How to build up trust - ARTICLE

Trust is a key empowering force in your relationship.

What do you trust?

· Your partner?

· Yourself?

· The "spirit" of your relationship?

The goal is very simple: Stay awake and be realistic.

If you feel like you are not giving your partner the trust he deserves, you can built up more of it by using one of these simple techniques:

· Tell him! Every time you tell him “I trust you”, you reaffirm the power in your relationship. You empower him as well. This gives him confidence and desire to defend the relationship.

· Tell your friends and family. When you talk about him, bring out his positive qualities. No need to play naïve. Simply reaffirm this trust you have for him in front of you friends and family

· Believe him! When he tells you he loves you, believe him. He can give you hundreds of signals that it is with you he wants to be. Listen to his voice, not the mistrusting voice in your mind.

Trust is a quality you consciously develop, build up and enhance in your relationship.

You build up trust by standing behind it. You reaffirm it when you face challenges.

It is easier to give trust when you have a reserve of it.

This means that you want to trust yourself first.

Unjustified mistrust is usually related with insecurity, lack of power or self esteem.

Suppose you don’t feel happy with your body. You build up insecurity. You project this insecurity in the form of mistrust towards your partner.

Can you see how it works?

If you want to tackle mistrust, you need to target the real issue which is insecurity.

The real way to build up trust is to empower yourself first.

Deal with the real issue: insecurity.

Trust yourself first!

You will see that when you develop extra trust and confidence in yourself, it becomes very natural to trust your partner as well.

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