More complicity in your couple - ARTICLE

Complicity is invisible mutual understanding.

You literally “stand under” a common spirit.

Complicity means that you are connected.

A simple smile, word or touch can strengthen this complicity.

You stand together on a common ground. This is complicity.

How to build it up?

By establishing invisible connections with each other.

Suppose you are at a party with your partner. You can get a drink for yourself and get him what he always drinks without even asking. He might be chatting with someone. You just pass by and give him his drink, because you know he would like that.

Don’t stay around. Don’t expect a thank you. Simply give him his drink and move on.

This simple action means a lot for those who see it.

They see an invisible connection. They perceive a mutual understanding and a deep care for each other.

Don’t use complicity as a way of monopolizing your partner’s attention, tough.

Give each other space.

The art of creating complicity is the art of adding this form of subtle invisible “telepathic” touch.

Stay awake and aware of this invisible link. With some practice, you can feel and almost know instantly where he is at.

This invisible connection is complicity.

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