How to deal with invasive friends, exes or in laws - ARTICLE

You and your partner are the masters of your relationship.

You own the relationship’s space.

You are the ones in charge.

You decide!

A relationship can be under attack from in laws, exes or draining friends who try to have some form of control over your couple or relationship space.

If you have been in this situation, I know you recognize what I am talking about.

Your house is your relationship’s temple.

You are the ones in charge.

When you partner with someone, you need to make it clear that the two of you share the responsibility and take the decisions.

You take these decisions; not in laws, friends or exes.

Your personal space is precious.

It is made of energy and you two want to stay in charge of what happens in your house.

No one else but you is on control.

Sure, when you have children, you can stretch this limit and include them in the decision taking (“So, where shall we go on holidays this year?”).

At the end though, you are the ones who have the last word.

Sometimes, you need to pick up “your weapons” and do whatever it takes to defend the territory of your relationship.

“Invasion” can come from many sides and the goal is to stay awake and aware.

Dare to fight if you have to and simply don’t let anyone overpower you.

Stay in charge!

Changes within the relationship's space need the agreement of both you and your partner. Give each other this healthy boundary.

It is worth it and will protect your relationship's foundation.

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