How to deal with challenges - ARTICLE

A relationship challenge is an opportunity to grow. Every time you overcome a challenge, you grow stronger.

You face tests as an individual. The same goes for your relationship.

It can be under attack. It can be challenged any time.

You can’t avoid challenges.

What matters is how you respond to them.

What you want is extra power and effective strategies.

Dare to pick up your "warrior sword " and defend the territory of your relationship.

Dare to fight with whatever force is attacking your relationship!

Identify it and defend your relationship!

Stand in this together like two partners of the same team who are aware of each other's movements.

The key is to keep the communication channels opened and agree on strategies and tactics to handle the challenge.

Stand together!

You want to keep on communicating with your partner.

No need to force. No need to demand.

Simply keep these channels opened.

A relationship is a territory.

This territory has two pillars: you and your partner.

The moment you face a challenge, you always have two options:

· Stand in it together

· Turn against each other

As you can imagine, turning against each other will usually lead to more trouble and conflict. It usually creates a win-loose situation, and the relationship could suffer from it.

If you want to win, you need to stand together.

You are partners!

Reaffirm this partnership when your relationship is under attack.

This is what partners do: when they face a challenge, they recognize the source of this challenge.

They stay awake and see this challenge as an attack on the relationship.

You are two warriors.

You want to defend your territory and do what it takes to empower the relationship.

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