How to empower your partner - ARTICLE

One key to stay together happy and long term is to be an empowering force for your partner.

When you join forces in a relationship, the idea is to be each other's partner's for success.

Control is a relationship killer.

The opposite of control is trust and respect.

You want them to feel valued and empowered.

Can you see how it works?

People tend to run away from their partners when their relationship makes them unhappy and powerless.

Think of your partner's long term destiny line.

You are an agent in their path to success.

You see the full potential they have and you are a dynamic stimulating force in their life.

You don't have to do their work.

You can however remove any resistance, fears or doubts in your mind and make your partner's success one of the key priorities in your relationship.

The moment you give them these qualities, they tend to give them back to you and reflect this validation in the way they relate to you.

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