One couple - Two visions - ARTICLE

Conflicts do arise when you have two visions at play: yours and the one from your partner.

The art of being together is the art of creating a third reality which is the combination of your two visions.

You can make some concessions without losing yourself. You can make some compromises through dialogue without losing your plan.

The key is to create this common empowering ground on which you stand together.

The goal is to bring these two visions together and as well offer space to express what does not match.

When you join forces, you create relationship synergy.

You literally synchronize your energy and create this common space where you stand together. You work together looking in the same direction.

This is a common perspective.

When two minds meet, it is normal to have slightly or even totally different plans.

When you merge these two plans and create a third one, you develop together a perfected vision.

Relationship synergy is an empowering experience.

You create it by listening to what the other person has to say.

You give space.

You open space.

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