I feel I’ve fallen out of love with him – Should I leave? - ARTICLE

There are many areas in your life which can evolve or change.

Your relationship with your partner is only one of them.

When renewal is calling, you can change your relationship or you can keep your relationship exactly the way it is and shift other aspects of your existence.

If you feel like you are in a still point in your marriage, it does not mean that you have to break up.

It could simply mean that other areas of your life need attention.

Check your career and personal development areas.

Check on things like health and well being.

Check on new passions and new directions your life can go into.

Even if your relationship feels temporarily still, you can still use this as a platform and focus on other aspects of your existence which might need nurturing.

Sometimes, the goal is not to destroy or change something but rather to maintain what is there, even if it feels temporarily quiet.

What you need is renewal, right?

You want your life to keep on evolving.

You look for new ideas and you feel that the comfort zone of your relationship could be slowing you down with that.

If it’s the case step beyond your relationship and take some risks.

Stretch your own limits and if you feel that your partner does not help you with that, or even limits you, have a serious discussion with him about what you need from him:

You need him to support you in keeping on growing as an individual, right?

You want him to give you space to achieve that.

In fact you want to feel free within your relationship.

You want to increase your level of freedom, excitement and life force where you are right now.

Of course, this can feel like a huge task but it is the first thing to try:

Empower yourself within your relationship and the way you stand in it.

Once you do, you feel like life starts flowing again through your veins.

Why is that?

Because you feed your being and stretch your wings.

You don't let any mind set limit you.

It is your life and you have the right to be happy and satisfied.

Your partner is an empowering stream towards your happiness.

If he is not playing that role, remind him of what part you want him to play in your life.

You want him to be a strong empowering pillar which reinforces your desire and need to be 100% alive.

Educate him on that if you have to.

Remind him of what love is about and what your needs exactly are.

Fight for your rights and freedom within your relationship.

No one, even your partner has the right to limit you.

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