Wake up the spark! - ARTICLE

You want your relationship to be an exciting place.

You know that.

The challenge is simply that after some years of marriage or living together, you, your partner or both of you can feel in a way too secure.

Passion is a quality that you invite consciously in your relationship.


By investing at least some time and energy into it.

Passion is an energy.

You want to learn how to master it and wake it up any time.

The first thing you need are exciting and thrilling targets.

Remember, in the original stages of your relationship, there is this romantic period. You are in love.

After that comes the commitment phase where you invest yourselves into building something together.

There is a new turning point after some years of marriage or commitment.

Once you have children, house and all the material security you need, what are your new targets?

This is the challenge that many couples hit after some years.

They look for a new source of renewal or their next step.

What you want is a new plan.

You want a vision of how to build further your couple.

You want to connect with a new source of inspiration.

Here are some possible targets:

· Reconnecting on a sexual or sensual level

· New material targets like a new house or a career shift

· Financial independence and prosperity

· Spiritual or personal development quest

· New couple skills and better communication

· Emotional connection

· Expanded social life

· Mastering time apart or time off

· Children education, family building

· Good cause project or charity

· Etc.

In many cases, the profound desire you feel inside is a desire to simply reconnect naturally with the man you live with.

What you want is to bring back love and connection in the core of what you share.

We’ll focus more on the areas of emotional connection, sex life, intimacy, communication and inner quest.

This is a key mile stone in your relationship’s story.

Here are key ideas to multiply the satisfaction your get from it:

  • Gain back control over what happens in your relationship

This does not mean taking control away from your partner. It means taking control away from those who try to decide for you. These can be in laws, community, friends, professional pressures, etc. You two are the center of your couple and you do have the right to decide for yourselves.

  • Take time just for the two of you

Sure, children and practicalities are important, but at least once a week, take a few hours just for the two of you. Do something fun, spontaneous and romantic.

  • Refresh your life style

Eat more healthy, exercise, have a good rest, give new rhythm to your day.

  • Nurture your sex life

Reconnect with your sexiness, seduce each other again, explore new limits, develop new skills. Take a kama sutra course or explore the mysteries of the Tao of love. Relate to each other as lovers.

  • Focus on fun, excitement and quality time

If it’s boring, don’t do it! Make fun the priority. Shift patterns and habits and try new things. Dare to explore and take risks.

  • Communicate!

Take at least 30 minutes every week to tell each other what you like about your relationship, what works and what doesn’t. Don’t point your finger, simply share feelings, ideas and impressions. This is the R & D area of your couple.

  • Take time for yourself

Simply give each other space and freedom. Having a night out with some friends is immensely refreshing for your relationship. Dare to go for it! It empowers trust! Some time alone gives you the space to reconnect with yourself.

This goes really beyond “taking a new hobby”. What you invoke in the core of your couple is a new energy, new mind sets and life patterns.

This force is a new resource you can tap into.

You can relax into it.

Dare to trust and follow your instinct with it!

sty�$ m�o�ؐ��P�op-alt:auto;mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto'>For now, I’ll let you think about this simple relationship strategy.

I’m serious: this could save your marriage or relationship if you feel it is in trouble right now.

It will as well give you a new sense of freshness and happiness.

These are qualities you deserve in your life.

If they were somehow taken away from you, it might time to put up a good fight to manifest them back.

Remember that you and your partner are the designers of your relationship.

You decide what happens next.

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