Power to your couple! - ARTICLE

Are you in a situation where you are not getting the full dimension of your relationship?

You feel that something is missing but can't really identify what it is.

The goal of this material is to offer you refreshing mind sets to complete the picture and answer some key questions.

Relationships are made of energy.

They are like a subtle ecosystem where the right equilibrium is created by manifesting the right qualities in perfect proportions.

You sometimes jump in a relationship and then realize that you don't have all the answers or miss some skills.

In fact what you see might not be what you expected.

You might know what is missing but lack the skills to manifest it.

Suppose you need more love and complicity in your relationship.

How do you manifest more of them?

Relationships are a very vast topic and even an encyclopedia would not cover the full picture.

You can wake up your relationship instincts and use your intuition.

Connect with this source of inner power which gives you the tools to manifest what you want.

Own your relationship!

You are the designer.

You are the creator.

Dare to express your power.

Your relationship is your territory.

You design it together with your partner.

Your relationship is sacred.

It is a temple.

May you find total joy and infinite love together!

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